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Many individuals have been suffering with this condition without a whole lot of options.  It is commonly misdiagnosed and the biggest thing that we hear is that it is an auto-immune disease.


It truly is amazing how many conditions that we now refer to as an auto-immune disease.  But the reality is that America is one of the only countries that truly recognize these auto-immune diseases.  Essentially an autoimmune disease is a condition in which the body's immune system is just to "stupid" and attacks its own cells for no reason.  So many doctors in America are calling so many of these chronic conditions autoimmune disorders, meaning that the body is not intelligent and instead is too “stupid” and is attacking its own cells for no absolutely no reason. 


The reality is that this is just absurd!


How­ever, the most recent research shows that Myasthenia Gravis as well as other autoim­mune diseases are really linked to some “driver” that is “driving” this response.  Most often these “drivers” are a type of infection.  The most common type of infection is either viral or the expression of a virus on the gene deck, however other autoimmune drivers have been identified including nanobacteria, parasites, mycoplasma, certain bacterial infections, as well as chemical toxicities and or heavy metal toxicities.


I have created a report for suffers and their doctors to use to help support recovery of this condition!


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