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Dr. Ray Wisniewski - Thyroid


Imagine being able to have access to one of America's “Top Minds” on alternative and drug free health and healing. Well, now you can…

"A Special FREE REPORT - Overcoming Thyroid Issues Naturally (HypoThyroid, HyperThyroid & Hashimoto's) with Dr. Ray Wisniewski, (He is The Healthcare Answerman)! If You Are Sufferring, If You Are Looking For Answers To Your Thyroid Concerns - You Need To Read This Special Report!"


Today, ask yourself… Do you think that God created this body with spare parts that can just be removed on a whim?  This is what is going on with so many peoples thyroid, as doctors are removing or destroying the thyroid gland either surgically, chemically or with radiation - all in the name of health!!

The GREAT News is that the Thyroid is an Incredibly ROBUST organ that is capable of regenerating and coming back!!

“I have seen amazing response in the thyroid gland despite years of medications, despite surgery, despite all of the abuse... Never Underestimate the healing power of this amazing body when given the opportunity to heal!"

-- Nothing Outside the Body is as Powerful as The Power INSIDE the Body - When given the opportunity & the Tools to Heal!

There are so many things that can disrupt the normal function of the Thyroid including continuous stress, excessive estrogen,xeno-estrogens, heavy metals, radiation, organophosphates, medications and other chemicals.

Are you tired of not having the energy that you once had? Are you experiencing any weight gain, low libido, depression, constipation, intolerance to cold, cold hands and feet?  Any of these could be an indication of Hypothyroidism?

Are you experiencing unwanted weight loss?  Do you feel hot and sweat often?  Maybe you experience nervousness, high blood pressure, headaches, bulging eyes or muscle weakness - these can all be signs of Hyperthyrid.


I've seen many people start off with hyperthyroid and then go to hypothyroid.  I've seen people with a so called "auto-immune" disorder called Hashimoto's; all of these are capable of healing!